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Garden Lighting-Take a Journey into the Night with Light (Part 1)

When deciding to invest in garden lighting you are beginning the journey and ensuring you start with real expectations of its cost and outcomes then you won’t be disappointed.
The designer or installer should be able to help you turn your thoughts into reality but as the client, having a good idea of what you really want will help them do this this.

Ask yourself these questions ?

1. Most important and also the hardest question is what is my budget as this will in the end be the limiting factor as to what is possible

2. What do I want my garden to be, party zone, tranquil escape, summer play area for the kids, it’s your garden so understand what you want from it

3. Where will it be viewed from as this will alter the lights and positioning

4. Are there any features that you want highlighted or hidden

5. How will the lighting affect my maintenance of my garden

6. Future proofing by thinking about any changes that you may want or be thinking about

7. Does my designer/installer inspire me as they should be able to give you ideas you hadn’t thought about

By asking yourself these questions you will be able to assist your designer/installer, save yourself money and get the lighting you dreamed of

Good luck and start dreaming

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